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The VRP Christmas Angels began officially in 2014 as an organization but the first “operating” year was in 2013. Here’s where it all began.

In 2012, owners of Vision of Rose Photo (located in Historic Old Town Petersburg) Rosey and Zeryk Slocum were hit with the struggle of potentially not being able to provide Christmas for their children. Zeryk was working for a steel company and due to recession, the warehouse closed down and he found himself without a job 2 months before Christmas. Rosey turned to photography and that is how the birth of Vision of Rose Photo began but had it not been for friends, family members and organizations in the area; Christmas would have never happened for their children. They vowed to find some way to pay it forward should they find themselves in a better position the next year.

When Christmas of 2013 came around, Rosey and Zeryk decided to ask on social media across their friend’s list if there were any families that were in need of assistance for Christmas. They had agreed that together, they would sponsor one boy and one girl. However, as applications began to pour in, they quickly realized just picking two children would be nearly impossible - especially when many of the families applying had multiple children in their home.


They decided to reach out to their personal friends to see if they would possibly be interested in sponsoring a child for Christmas. It was then they realized how much the community loves pulling together for an amazing cause. In 2014, The VRP Christmas Angels was officially birthed as an organization and each year, has grown tremendously and has now been able to reach and help children as far as Powhatan and even upper parts of North Carolina who were effected by the 2018 hurricanes.

The owners of Vision of Rose Photo officially declare the second week of each December “Christmas Angels Week”. During the week, the company of Vision of Rose Photo and all of their loyal brand reps spend the week preparing gifts, organizing gifts by families, stuffing stockings with goodies, baking cookies for the angels to enjoy or leave out for Santa, and making Christmas wishes come true thanks to the amazing sponsors.

There is so much more that goes on behind the scenes of the VRP Christmas Angels than what is posted on social media. To take a peek at some of the behind the scenes content, please visit our BTS link to the left!

Outside of the VRP Christmas Angels, the organization also does Community Day events as well as assists the community with everyday essentials needed due to sudden hardships!